Strength and Conditioning for Youth Female Athletes



We are an inclusive community of powerful youth female athletes and their dedicated coaches. We are passionate about producing competitive well rounded athletes. Through uniquely created strength and conditioning programs, education and empowerment, our female athletes thrive in all aspects of their lives. Since launching in 2012, we have expanded our presence into our local schools, clubs, sports academies and community. Because of our success as a team, we launched our first facility in November 2018.

Sara, Athletic Training at Mint Club Athletics

SARA ZAYTSOFF – Owner/ Registered Kinesiologist/ Exercise Physiologist

Why do we love Sara? Sara is the creator and life force behind Mint Club Athletics & Mint Well. She pours her heart and soul into every aspect of this club and the female athletes that are in it. Sara was also a UBC Okanagan Women’s Varsity Volleyball Athlete, and has won several provincial and national titles. Sara is passionate about athletic strength & conditioning, injury prevention, & building well rounded athletes as well as people. Sara’s athletic development strength and conditioning classes leave athletes of all skill levels and ages feeling empowered, strong, and powerful. She is our fearless leader and has a visible passion for what she does.

How long have you been with Mint?
Since day 1.

Why are you passionate about impacting young female athletes?
This is where I came from. I grew up as an athlete in the system, had a successful post secondary volleyball career, and came out on the other side. I understand these girls struggles, successes, motivations, fears etc. I want to empower them to see their true athletic potential, and teach them to demand more for themselves in their sports, lives and communities. This integrated strength and conditioning program is the most impactful difference these girls will see in their athletic development.

What is your favourite way to get active?
When i’m not training for a race, I love putting on my mitts and throwing down with our kickboxing instructor Jan Karlo.

Hillary Keegan, Yoga Instructor at Mint Club Athletics

HILLARY KEEGAN – ERT/ 500 Hrs 7 years teaching, 15 years practicing

Why do we love Hilary? This lady is inspiring, motivating, and courageous. She leaves it all on the mat with every practice she leads. She creates a fun, inclusive environment and fills the room with her beautiful heart and smile. When Hillary isn’t at Mint, you can catch a class of hers at YFlow Yoga in New Westminster. Hillary is also a Lululemon ambassador and leads many different yoga events in and around Vancouver. Hillary’s athletic yoga classes leave athletes of all skill level and ages feeling empowered, mobile, and grounded.

How long have you been with Mint?
5+ years

Why are you passionate about impacting young female athletes?
They are our future. I am inspired by having the opportunity to share my love of the mind, body and spirit. When I come to my mat and share in practice with these girls, I am able to share a positive, electric energy that carries over into their lives.

What is your favourite way to get active?
There is nothing more wonderful than getting to my mat every morning and setting my intention for the day.


Jan Karlo, Athletic Training and Kickboxing at Mint Club Athletics

JAN KARLO MANUEL – ACE Certified Trainer

Why do we love Jan? He is a beaming light, full of energy. Jan is committed to bringing fun into learning, and has a special way of captivating our hearts with his hilarious antics. One of the most genuine, kind hearted people, there is never a dull moment with this guy is around. Jan is an ACE certified strength and conditioning coach, with a background in high performance lifting. Jan passionately leads several aspects of our Mint program including our High Performance program, Mint Well women’s program, & our energizing Hip Hop workshops.

How long have you been with Mint?
3+ years

Why are you passionate about impacting young female athletes?
I, too, was once a young student athlete. I remember the complexities of my emotions, trying to be confident in the face of my insecurities. I believe there is value in having someone beside you, who is knowledgeable and committed to seeing you succeed. I want to see these girls succeed in and out of the gym.

What is your favourite way to get active?
Weightlifting and basketball.

Aleisha Ross, Mental Health at Mint Club Athletics

ALEISHA ROSS – Masters in Gender and Women’s Studies

Why do we love Aleisha? Aleisha has the biggest heart of anyone we know. She exudes generosity and kindness. She believes in fighting for social justice, and loves supporting local youth groups who are pushing for change. Aleisha’s Mental Wellness classes are both nurturing & educational. A genuine listening ear and effective communicator that provides consistent support throughout each season. Aleisha covers topics such as stress management, balance, healthy relationships, confidence and more. When Aleisha isn’t at Mint, she is empowering the lives of youth females in our local community through her own business, Real Talk.

How long have you been with Mint?
6+ years

Why are you passionate about impacting young female athletes?
I believe that by empowering young females with the mental tools to succeed on and off the court, it creates a more holistic approach to overall health.

What is your favourite way to get active?
Alongside our resident Kickboxing instructor Jan Karlo, who never fails to deliver a killer workout.